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I specialize in designing and developing dynamic, responsive websites and web applications using a variety of technologies. My expertise includes Vue, Laravel, React, PHP, JavaScript, MySQL, and jQuery, enabling me to create seamless, user-friendly experiences for businesses of all sizes.

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As a passionate and dedicated Web Developer, I specialize in creating dynamic and responsive websites and web applications tailored to meet the unique needs of businesses.

Birthday 1st January 1997
Age 27 years
Address Hazaribagh, Dhaka
Phone (+880) 1771004645
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  • IsDB-BISEW IT Scholarship Programme
    ( 2023 — 2024 )

    Web Application Development with Laravel, React, Vue.js & WordPress

    This course provides a comprehensive introduction to web application development, focusing on both frontend and backend technologies. It covers essential tools and frameworks such as Laravel, React, Vue.js, and WordPress, enabling students to build dynamic, responsive, and full-featured web applications. This project proposes the development of a dynamic web application integrating fundamental technologies such as HTML, CSS3, Bootstrap, JavaScript, jQuery, React, Vue.js, and Laravel. It will feature a MySQL database backend, ensuring efficient data management. Utilizing WordPress for content management, the application will be scalable and user-friendly. The interface will be designed with Bootstrap for responsiveness. By leveraging these technologies, the project aims to deliver a robust, interactive web application suitable for diverse purposes.

  • IIT Dhaka University
    ( 2019 )

    Office Applications for Smart Office

    This Microsoft Office course offers concise training in Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. In Word, learn to format documents with styles and bullets, organize content with tables and images, manage lengthy reports, and master Bangla writing. Excel covers automatic computation, professional formatting, data organization, chart creation, and practical case studies. PowerPoint instruction includes slide manipulation, template customization, media integration, animation usage, and graphical element handling for effective presentations.

  • Dhaka College (Dhaka University)
    ( Passing Year 2019 )

    Master of Social Science in Sociology

    CGPA: 2.83

    Master of Social Science in Sociology, honing expertise in language, literature, and critical analysis through in-depth study of literary classics, linguistic theory, and contemporary discourse. Equipped with advanced skills in textual interpretation, academic writing, and cultural critique, poised to contribute to scholarly research, education, or language-focused roles.

  • Dhaka College (Dhaka University)
    ( Passing Year 2018 )

    Bachelor of Social Science in Sociology

    CGPA: 2.93

    Bachelor of Social Science in Sociology, cultivating a strong foundation in language, literature, and communication skills through comprehensive coursework in literary analysis, writing proficiency, and linguistic studies. Equipped with critical thinking abilities, cultural awareness, and effective written and verbal communication skills, ready to excel in diverse fields such as education, publishing, or communications.

  • Jwanpur Fazil Madrasah Naogaon
    ( Passing Year 2014 )

    Higher Secondary Certificate

    CGPA: 4.83, Subject: Arts

    Completed Higher Secondary Certificate (Alim) in Arts from Bangladesh, acquiring a strong foundation in Bangla, English, Arabic, and Fiqah. Equipped with analytical skills and scientific knowledge, poised to pursue further studies or careers in STEM fields.

  • Sherpur Dakhil Madrasah Naogaon
    ( Passing Year 2012 )

    Secondary School Certificate

    CGPA: 4.63, Subject: Arts

    Completed Secondary School Certificate (Dakil) in Arts, laying the groundwork in Bangla, English, Arabic, and Fiqah, Ready to leverage acquired knowledge and critical thinking skills for further academic pursuits or professional endeavors in the Arts domain.

  • Hifzul Quran
    ( Passing Year 2008 )

    Befaq Board


    Hifzul Quran, also known as Quran memorization, is the process of committing the entire Quran to memory. This practice holds significant spiritual importance in Islam, often beginning in childhood. It requires regular recitation, review, and the guidance of a knowledgeable teacher. Successful memorizers, called Hafiz, are highly respected in Muslim communities, embodying dedication, discipline, and a deep connection to the Quran's teachings and language.








I am proficient in a wide range of technologies and tools, including Vue.js, React.js, Laravel, JavaScript, PHP, MySQL, jQuery, Bootstrap, GitHub, and Postman. With hands-on experience and a strong foundation in these areas, he consistently delivers innovative and efficient solutions. Fazle's expertise spans from front-end development with Vue.js and React.js to back-end solutions with Laravel and PHP.


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In the ever-evolving landscape of the internet, I specialize in empowering ambitious businesses like yours to thrive by creating impactful digital solutions. From enhancing brand visibility to driving web traffic, fostering customer connections, and boosting overall sales, I offer a comprehensive suite of services tailored to your needs.

  • Custom Web Application Development

    Design and develop bespoke web applications tailored to business needs using modern frameworks like Laravel, React, and Vue.js. Ensure high performance, scalability, and security with robust backend support in MySQL.

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  • Full-Stack Development

    Offer end-to-end full-stack development services, from database design and server-side logic with Laravel and MySQL to interactive, responsive front-end development with React and Vue.js. Deliver cohesive and efficient web solutions that meet modern web standards.

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  • Laravel Application Development

    Build robust, secure web applications using Laravel. Leverage the MVC framework to develop scalable and maintainable backend solutions.

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